Gratorama Casino extends partnership with SBTech

SBTech has been providing online gambling operators with the best software money can buy for more thangratorama a decade.

They are still the first choice for those who want to start on the right foot and don’t want to worry about the prospect of their applications coming to a screeching halt.

Gratorama Casino is one of the new players who has high expectations so it was only natural to sign this partnership and it looks like they will be working together for the next three years.

This is actually a multiyear extension of an agreement that was already lucrative for both parties and it is very likely that the contract will continue after the deadline.

The platform that currently powers their games is one of the most stable in the industry and also in complete accord with the UK regulations. This is particularly important for a company that intends to tap on the immense potential of the United Kingdom betting market.

Gratorama Casino is going to benefit from the new developments and with SBTech having a couple of major projects down the pipe, 2015 promises to be a very exciting year.

Those who bet mostly on smartphones and tablets are going to be particularly happy with these changes, as a new interface is coming their way. Past performance suggest that the new tools will work silky smooth right from the start, as there was no need for add-ons and upgrades immediately after the release.

SBTech’s sports betting platform is also state-of-the-art and there are no pending complaints about the manner in which they conduct their bookmaker section.

SBTech CEO, Itai Zak was equally happy with the extension of the contract, because they regard Gratorama Casino as one of the most reliable partners. By providing them with the software they need to keep players happy and entertained, they are also going to benefit from better exposure.

The UK licensed platform is sought after by other online casinos and this year, it is very likely that it will be used by a dozen of other operators.

SBTech has been around for eight years and over the course of time it made a name for itself as a company offering dynamic, customizable and innovative solutions.

The sports betting industry represents their focal point of attention, but online casinos and poker rooms also benefit from their products.

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