7Kasino Casino players to enjoy new games in 2016

7Kasino Casino continues to dazzle the eye with new games and its collection of online slots is expanding rapidly.logo-7kasino

In 2016, they have close the gap separating them from some of the industry leaders and put some distance between them and the runners-up.

Competition is always a driving factor when it comes to online gambling, but this is not something to upset the players. In fact they are the main beneficiaries of a system that compares online casinos to come up with new things all the time.

In order to meet the high expectations, the casino decided to sign an agreement with a very promising software developer from Israel. Optimove is a small but immensely resourceful company, with high expectations and now a lot of money to spend on quality.

They managed to raise no less than $20 million, which is a lot of money by any standards even when it comes to software developers for the online industry. The ones who found it worthwhile to invest knew what you are doing and have no regrets.
Israel Growth Partners is the one that spend this amount on them and they expect an excellent return on investment in the long run.


While these two companies are going to sort things out between them and calculate the returns, casino fans have their own reasons to celebrate. It matters little for them how the company will fair financially, as long as it keeps releasing quality games.

Now that they are available at 7Kasino Casino, it is possible to play all these games on mobile devices.
This is no longer a trend but an everyday reality, since all new games are automatically developed in such a way as to run on smartphones and tablets. It is simply inacceptable to come up with a title that is restricted to desktop computers in today’s environment.

Optimove was one of the early adopters of mobile technology and this gives them a competitive advantage over their peers. They didn’t waste any time and right from the start invested in technology that make mobile gambling possible and pleasant.
There also proud to offer Customer Marketing Cloud solutions that are used by be companies, not only those who operate in the world of online gambling.

With offices on three continents, they’ve got global reach and now that money is no longer of the essence they can pursue their dreams. This milestone set this year is going to help them grow even further and better serve their international partners.